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Byron High School

Byron Agriculture Department Receives Monsanto Grant

tower gardenThe grant was for $6,600 and used to purchase all the materials and supplies needed. The goals of this grant are wide ranging. The Agriculture Department really wants to have students grow their own food. The tower gardens provide this by being able to grow produce inside in a hydroponic water and nutrient solution indoors and year round. Since our growing season doesn’t coincide with the school year, the tower gardens will provide that learning experience for our students. Working with Food Service personnel, the produce is also going to be harvested and made available for students to eat in the cafeterias. This will provide a healthy and fresh source of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs. Using the Tower Gardens the students will also be exposed to many scientific principals and have to perform pH and electro-conductivity tests of the nutrient solution to keep the plants healthy and growing. A major goal of this project is to show all students that no matter where they live, on a farm, or even in an apartment, they can have a local source of fresh produce that they can even grow themselves. The Byron Agriculture Department would like to thank Pam Reeverts, Byron Food Service, Rachel Oraki, Tower Garden Representative, and Shane Ebersol, Monsanto Representative, for making this project possible.