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Byron High School

High School ILMEA Choir

To compete for ILMEA choir, students prepare a required audition selection and have an extensive skill requirement where they have to sing major and minor scales, triads, and sightread.  In October, they had to perform this audition selection for a judge and they are scored on their performance.  From these scores students the top students are selected to the District ensembles. Students selected for Byron High School are:

Back row: Nathan Penrod, Keely Abate, Evan Walters, Jacob Lynde, Ethan Fortener, Connor Harn

Middle Row: Amanda Camling, Hope Cornett, McKEnzie McQueary, Olivia Guerrero, Alivia Bradford, Maddie Prax, Madison Bunner

Front Row: Caleb Denton, Kyle Baker, Jaeden Buser, Ryan Benidt