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Byron High School

Ride 360 Bus App

The Ride 360 app allows parents, guardians, caregivers and students to receive real-time information about their student’s bus stop location, route, pick up and drop off times. The use of this app is voluntary and does not share any personal information.  Please note that the Ride 360 app does not track individual students, but tracks the bus in which the student is assigned to.  If you choose not to utilize this app, please disregard this message.

To access your student’s routing information through the Traversa “Ride 360” mobile app, please see the attached flyer.  Before proceeding to the attached flyer, please note that you will be required to know your student's ID number which may be obtained in Skyward.  If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 815-234-5491, ext: 4400.         Traversa Ride 360 User Guide Flyer.pdf