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Byron High School

Park District & Mary Morgan Parking Lot Seal Coating

The parking lots in front of MMES and the Byron Park District will be seal coated beginning this Saturday, July 30th and will be completed on Thursday, August 4th, 2022.

Attached is a phasing map on when each lot will be done.

  1. Byron Park district lot first coat will be done on Saturday, July 30th.  Second coat on Monday August 1.  Lot will be striped on Tuesday, August 2 and will open after striping
  2. MMES-Seal coating will begin on Wednesday, August 3rd  and will be striped on Thursday, August 4. Lot will be open after striping.

During this time frame please use alternative parking lots during these dates.

Attachment shows what is being seal coated and the dates each phase will take place.


Attached Files