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Byron High School

Byron High School Food Pantry Donation

The event was the second annual Prairie Fire Invitational and took place on the 26th of November. Prairie Fire invited golfers from the area to play a stroke-play tournament on the simulator, and each guest picked a sponsor and a charity. The player would then get to donate an amount to their charity based on how well they placed in the tournament, where better placement means more money to donate to your charity. I played well and shot a 77, tying for 15th in the event, and earning $500 to donate from my sponsor, Byron Bank. I chose to donate to the Byron High School food pantry because I wanted to help the community around me, somewhere close to me. I have also worked with the High School food pantry before through student council food drives and donations, so I knew they would make good use of it, and that what they do really does make a difference.           -Brayden Baker