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Byron High School

BHS Food Pantry

The Byron High School Food Pantry has been awarded $5,000.00 from the EFSP Local Board so that the Food Pantry can further assist families in our community. 

Byron Schools Food Pantry has been allocated $5000 by the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) Local Board in Ogle County for Phase 38. To be eligible to receive these funds, your agency must:

·  Have submitted a Final Report for all previous Phases through Phase 34 in which your agency has received an EFSP award;

·  Cleared all outstanding Compliance Exceptions from all previous phases;

·  Be in good standing with the EFSP National Board;

·  Confirm all contact and organizational information is up to date; and

·  Complete all applicable Certification Forms, which are now available on the EFSP website.